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Stolen Bikes : Sara & Margo Adventure Series, Book 1

When bicycles go missing from their school, Sara & Margo follow up suspicious activities by trying to snare the bike thieves, but end up getting snared themselves!

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Road Trip USA

This Road Trip travel journal for kids lets children be a part of the road trip travel planning process. A big map lets children plot the route to be taken

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Road Trip Activity Book - Thanksgiving Edition

Puzzles, coded messages, word search, etc, etc as well as the story of Thanksgiving. Kids will be entertained for hours with this activity book!

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Drone Detectives! Sara & Margo Adventure Series, Book 2

A family lakeside vacation soon turns into another adventure for Sara and Margo. Book 2 of the adventure series is now available on Amazon.

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Doodle-it Coloring Book Nr 2

Parents need their sanity too! A coloring book for adults, with an inspirational message on each of 30 pages.

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